The main question everyone always naturally asks is ‘what is it about?’ and the answer is, in truth, a number of things! So much happens it is impossible to boil it down to one simple answer.

Overall, essentially, it is a love story, but so much more besides, and about far more than just a conventional two-people-fall-in-love kind of love story. Remember watching The Notebook – did you cry? Well, this will have the same kind of effect, but more, more incredible, and encompassing many more relationship types than just one.

The Infinity Squared Series is full of morally, ethically challenging scenarios, moments you’ll read them and think, ‘what would I do’, ‘how would I react if…’   Set in present day and then in the future into the 2020s, the world you are drawn into is one easy to imagine, awash with the same difficulties as right now, in politics, in society, with terrorism, poverty, climate change…the list is long, but humans make fascinating characters, especially in testing circumstances. Set in the US, mostly in Vegas, LA and New York, there is as much to bedazzle as to humble and inspire. You will encounter the full spectrum of humanity, from the greatest love to the most abhorrent evil. But amongst all of this, is hope, courage and integrity. And so many good things that we need to embrace and remember, even in the bleakest of moments.

The two main characters you will meet are diametric opposites at the beginning of book 1; one believes they are nothing with no one; the other, the world thinks has everything. You’ll know who they each are within pages of opening Indigo Lost. How they meet, how their worlds (and world view) collide, and how in fact, they are both wrong, are all discovered along the way.  Along both their journeys, they will encounter those who will love them, those who will hate them, guide them, use, betray and protect them. These two main characters are two very unique entities that are even more powerful when combined…hence the infinity squared.

Book 1 is full of excitement, change, tragedy, beauty and bare-faced determination. It will prepare you for the fireworks that follow in Book 2…

You won’t be able to predict what happens next, even if you try. Brace yourself for the roller-coaster read of your life…if you haven’t got your copy yet but want one, you can go to our order page right here!

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The First book in the Infinity Squared Series. Don't think. Just run. When what lies ahead is less fearful than what lies behind, and west-coast unknowns less terrifying than east-side tragedies, there is no choice other than the one through the window at the end of a third-floor police station corridor. Without another thought, the girl runs. Her jump will take her to the street below, to encounters with humanity that will both shock and save her, to the girl she becomes the one who knows how to fight, but also survive, even shine, in the darkest places. She does not go unnoticed. The mob boss, the ruler of Vegas, has seen her. But she is not ready to be seen. And this time there is no corridor, and no window.


C. Hobbins
If you like a good read, then this is an unmissable book, not an easy read story line in parts because of what is related there. Bags of action, sexual content and fantasy, to hold almost every potential reader completely spellbound. A superb, first book, by this brand new author, with more in the series arriving in due course. After you have read it you will want more of the same, it is an ideal Holiday-Read, best on a kindle or similar device because the printed versions are quite hefty. A book to tell your friends about, I congratulate Ms Summers for a sterling first effort....more please!
Tink Lawrence
This is the book I've been waiting to read! Fast paced, action packed, sexually charged in a nessesary way (sexual content in a lot of my recent reads can feel a bit pointless sometimes and just for effect)

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